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Four Pillars of Success

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Your branding should be a source of inspiration for you, and represent a quality standard you're even a little nervous about living up to. Don't try this yourself, or the usual way! Let us delight you and amplify your magic in a way that pays back big time.

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Your words, and your visual communications should infuse the party with your unique personality - in every medium, especially video. When done just right, you're found, you attract and retain, and you can even achieve specific actions and results.

Need Simple Yet Scalable Technology?

The busier you get, the more things can slip through the cracks. Growth shouldn't stress you out. You should always feel in-control. One measure of success is when you're able to deliver your magic to your clients, with grace, AND keep your community well nurtured too.

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You imagine it,

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Copywriting, Motion Graphics, Video Editing, Lead Generation

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Fueled by Accomplished Techie and Data Nerds with Personality

Are you feeling

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Do you have a brand

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Erika Feinberg,

M.A. Human Dynamics

#1 top-selling co-author of Purpose, Passion & Profit

Consistently builds businesses into being multi-million dollar market leaders

One of the nation's top choices of expert panelist and keynote speaker


Expert Panelist / Keynote Speaker, Writer & Trainer, ESG Specialist

Branding Expert, Marketer / Strategist

Built and led three multi-million dollar market leading businesses with successful exits, and co-founded the country's first venture-philanthropy non-profit that is now worldwide.

Substantial expert panel & corporate training, and keynote speaking expertise.

#1 Top-Selling Author


Western International University

Master’s in Human Dynamics 2018

GPA 4.0

Chosen to speak at commencement. 

Boston University

Bachelor of Science, Communications

GPA 3.8

Class President

St. Luke's School

New Canaan, CT


Techie & Visionary in One.

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